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While it is true that the world is moving to a more digital medium, there is still a healthy apetite for Print Design. Whether it be poster or flyers, bill board advertisements or full blown magazine designs… we have you covered in the Tampa and St. Petersburg area.

Venture Outdoors Magazine Layout and Design (Print & Digital)

Adventure Outdoors Magazine is a travel magazine published 4 times a year and reaches hundreds of thousands of eyes, with plans on expanding in 2022. The magazine is not only printed, but also released digitially and has a online website where they also share their articles.

CLIENT: Adventure Outdoors Magazine

ROLES: Logo, Media, Print & Editorial Design

DATE: January 2020 – Present


We have had the pleasure of working with the team at Adventure Outdoors Magazine for the past couple of years on their publication. They have a combined passion, dedication, and enthusiasm which lines up well with the team at Big Wolf Designs. Our jobs included the full layout and design process of the magazine and various promotional items like the media decks and logo design. We also worked on several of the advertisements in the magazinne, where we would communicate to each client indivdual to help design their ad and editorial. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the next issue of  Adventure Outdoors Magazine.


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