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Thunderstruck Bonsai Strategic Planning & Design

Thunderstruck Bonsai is a veteran-owned and operated bonsai nursery based in Pinellas Park, Florida. They specialize in creating, as well as teaching, living art with tropical species that is as unique as it is beautiful.

CLIENT: Thunderstruck Bonsai

ROLES: Logo, Branding, Promotion, Social Media, Web Presence

DATE: January 2019 – Present


For Larry Naeder, what started out as a hobby, quickly grew into an obsession and then an oppurtunity. When his bonsai tree collection started gettting into the hundreds of trees, he reached out to us to help give his idea a memorable and unique identity.

He already had a name he wanted to use, so we immediately got started on the logo design. After a few different mocks we were able to finalize the logo that you see now and Thunderstruck Bonsai was officially off and running. Next we started on different promotional designs, including business cards, banners, and merchandise.

Finally we moved onto the website where we set up a custom event calendar, online store, and online ticket sales to his Bonsai and Brews events.


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