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About Us


At Big Wolf Designs, we are an emerging group of talented designers and developers who are making waves in the industry. Comprised of young, passionate, and skilled individuals, this team brings fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to graphic design. At Big Wolf, we pride ourselves on:

Creativity and Innovation: We are not bound by traditional design conventions and are willing to experiment with new ideas, techniques, and design trends. This creativity leads to unique and visually captivating designs that can help businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Collaborative Approach: Big Wolf embraces a collaborative approach to design. We value open communication and actively involve clients in the design process, seeking feedback and ensuring that the final product aligns with the client’s vision.

Cost-Effectiveness: As an emerging team, we offer our services at competitive rates. This affordability allows businesses to benefit from our elite professional graphic design services without compromising on quality.




A native Texan, Jon grew up with a passion for design which he turned into his own freelance business in his early twenties. In 2013, he moved to Florida when he was offered a job as a Creative Director at a publication company designing Programs for national clients such as PBR, NASCAR, & Medal of Honor. In 2018 he left the company to spread his wings as a contractor again. This helped him expand his clientelle and skill level, while also maintaining relationships with the previous brands he worked with.

Now, after years of working as a contractor for other agencies, Jon is taking all of the skills and information he has learned to create his own company. His mission with BWD is to give clients a more personable approach to the sometimes daunting world of design and marketing that you won’t get with huge agencies. “There is a misconception that the design and branding process is this long and painful process” Jon says. “That simply isn’t the case with our approach, and in fact, it can be quite fun and enjoyable.” 


Want to earn easy money? Of course you do! Refer a client to us and if they end up working with Big Wolf Designs, you get 10% back off their initial design contract! So for instance, if a client you bring us signs a contract for $1000... once the job is complete you receive $100 from us!

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Please contact with questions.