Rule The Wasteland

Rule The Wasteland¬†was a fun project for us. We were told it would be a blog site and that the ultimate goal was to get readers. What we needed was a solid, fun look that matched the theme of ‘the wasteland’. We borrowed heavily from Mad Max and came up with a fun, desert wasteland theme for the website. It features a lot of desert brown tones, warm oranges, and the like. A parallax background of broken down cars and barbed wire on the post and widget boxes help give you the feel that you’re really in a wasteland.

Some features we had to include were:

  • Custom author boxes, so that multiple authors could be represented off of one main account.
  • Responsive design to fit mobile phones
  • Multiple moving and static backgrounds,
  • Perfectly placed barbed wire, despite box size.

This was a fun project for our team, both to design and to implement, and despite being the ruler of the wasteland, Mr. E. was an incredible client to work with on this project.