NourishNC – Hunger Heroes Project

This was complete volunteer work, they are running a campaign called Hunger Heroes. Raising money from donors in order to fight against child hunger.

Logo for HVAC Company

This company wanted a logo that communicated working parts, including heat (fire) and ice (snowflake)

Silly Photoshop

Silly Photoshop… Epic results…
Charging the gates of Mordor, for Frodo!

Seal Art

This piece I created for Uptown Market’s dog friendly message on their site. So much fun.
Here it is in action:

Water Poster

Just a fun piece of artwork. I originally created the scales/waves for Uptown Market’s site but they proved to be too busy for a website background. But work perfectly for “poster” art.


Fun project testing Photoshop.

Be Happy Poster

Just for fun. I took a photo of purple flowers and clipped it into the words.